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Reduction METHODS for REAL-Time systems using delay time petri nets.Able to define, compose, project and explore the interactions of models of different types.Complexity of Points-to Analysis of Java in the Presence of Exceptions.Applied to Compressing Proxy example from the ERN HTTP server with gzip.Boils down all style rules to three patterns: Composed method, Intention-revealing Name, Comment.Scalability is always relative to the reality and the system surrounding the software.Extensions are needed because translations can not be made between formalisms.Reconciling the needs of architectural description with object-modeling notations.It is hard to make sense of a specification of an interface if their is no information about what is inside at least one side of the interface.

Graph Models for Reachabillity Analysis of Concurrent Programs.Comput J V34n1(Feb 9) pp64-72(Special isssue on term rewriting) CR9212-00932.Agrees that formal methods are not taught or taken seriously.People with Computer or Software Engineering degrees are worse at find requirements defects than those who have other degrees.Graduate students act as managers -- either for one team or all teams.Tools to gives views of product, checklists, standards, Highlighted syntax, comments.Analyzing user requirements by use cases: a goal-driven approach.

Dialogue mapping: Building shared understanding of wiked problems.The impact of irrelevant and misleading information on software development estimates: a randomized controlled field experiment.Object-Oriented and Conventional Analysis and Design Methodologies.Inspired by the attempt to modularize a large monolythic program into good modules without using Object-Oriented techniques.ACM SIGSOFT proc ESEC-8 FSE-9 Software Engineering Notes V26n5(Sep 2001)pp152-163.Trends, Techniques, and Problems in Theoretical Computer Science.An Empirical study on the relationship among Software Design Quality, Development Effort, and Governance in Open Source Projects.Use lowtech tools first, when design session ideas slow down then use computer-based tools to capture the ideas.

Historical Reflections -- Will the future of software be open source.Overview: Road-map, storyboards, concept and context diagrams, user experience landing zone.An Empirical investigation of the Key Factors for success in Software Process Improvement.Exploiting Chaos: Cashing in on the Realities of Software Development.Globally distributed software development and pair programming.

Useful but normally missing types include money, range, dimensions.

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Some safety conditions need special treament because they depend on variables(sensor inputs) that are inputs and so not under constraint - and so not constrained in a precondion (or post-condition).RedwineRiddle85:- 15.20 years before assimilated, 7.5 years after tool avaiable.Why Universities require computer science students to take math (special section).They can be difficult to introduce into a large organization.

Defines a set of observables that describe how free the algebraic spec.Software tools change the way things are done and what words mean in powerful ways.

Engineering a sound assertion semantics for the verifying compiler.Strong code ownership in a team creates published interfaces inside the team and inflexible structure.Verification using Promela and SPIN of existing protocols expressed in.ACM SIGSOFT proc ESEC-8 FSE-9 Software Engineering Notes V26n5(Sep 2001)pp229-236.User do not read the instructions and prefer to abandon the app.Feature oriented programming allows the coding of refinements to existing base classes in layers.Defects tend to be associated more with wide-spread concerns than with total amount of code implementing a concerns.Effective business modeling with UML: describing business use cases and realizations.

Lessons Learned During Requirements Acquisition for COTS Systems.Companies do not make it part of a process evaluation and improvement process.Simulation can help determine the process that is best for a particular situation. guide management.This change means that research and education needs to develop (or at least) shift to a focus on service rather than production.

Build trust and commitment by avoiding unneeded control, under resourcing, etc.Introduction to Mathematical Logic and Type Theory: to truth through proof.Conformance vs risk assessment, product vs process vs resource standards.Breaking the fourth wall of electronic crime: blame it on the thespians.ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes V31n3(May 2006)pp25-37.My conclusion is that we should work towards the kinds of implementation.IEEE COMPSAC, p. 41, The Twenty-Fourth Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2000.Enterprise, Systems, and Software Engineering -- the need for Integration.Features as first-class components that cross-cut across OO hierarchies.